Fee Schedule

Application Fees

Description Fee Amount
Registered Nurse Examination Application and Reapply/Repeat Examination Application $150
Interim Permit $50
Registered Nursing Endorsement/Reciprocity Application (NOTE: This is not the fee for verification of California RN licensure; see Miscellaneous Fees.) $100
Temporary RN License $50
Manual Fingerprint Card Processing (DOJ and FBI) $49
Clinical Nurse Specialist Application $150
Nurse Anesthetist Application $150
Nurse-Midwife Application $150
Nurse-Midwife Furnishing Number Application $50
Nurse Practitioner Application $150
Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number Application $50
Public Health Nurse Application $150
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Application No Fee
Continuing Education Provider Application $300

Renewal Fees

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2017, some of our fees have changed. New fees are denoted in red.

Description Fee Amount
Timely Delinquent
Registered Nurse Renewal $190 $280
Registered Nurse 8-Year Renewal N/A $280
Nurse Anesthetist Renewal $100 $150
Nurse-Midwife Renewal $100 $150
Nurse-Midwife Furnishing Number Renewal $42 $57
Clinical Nurse Specialist Renewal $100 $150
Nurse Practitioner Renewal No Fee
Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number Renewal $42 $57
Public Health Nurse Renewal No Fee
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Renewal No Fee
Continuing Education Provider Number Renewal $300 $450

Miscellaneous Fees

Description Fee Amount
Certified Copy of School Transcript $50
Confirmation of License Renewal/Employer Verification Letter $2
Copy of NCLEX-RN Results $10
Dishonored Check Penalty $30
Duplicate Certificate $30
ICHP Visa Screen $100
Verification of CA RN Licensure $100