Nurse Support Group

A vital link in the recovery process is a strong on-going treatment program. One of the methods that can be employed to meet this need is Nurse Support Groups. Nurse Support groups:

  • Share experience and provide strength, hope and support in addressing issues related to the process of recovery from the disease of substance use disorders.
  • Provide support regarding professional issues, including re-entry into the workplace.

Nurse Support Group Locations

Nurse support groups meet in many locations throughout California. To find the group nearest to you, please refer to the Nurse Support Group list.

Want to be a Nurse Support Group Facilitator?

BRN is actively recruiting dedicated individuals to become a nurse support group facilitator or co-facilitator. To qualify, the applicant must:

  • Be a registered nurse*
  • Have expertise in the field of substance use disorders/mental illness*
  • Have a minimum of six months experience facilitating group process
  • If in recovery, have a minimum of five years recovery
  • Must not have a Board accusation pending or be on Board probation
  • Must not be a current participant in the Intervention Program

If you are interested in becoming a Nurse Support Group Facilitator, please submit a completed Application for Nurse Support Group Facilitator/Co-Facilitator.

*For more information about the Nurse Support Group Facilitator role, procedures, and approval process, please contact the Intervention Program at 916-574-7692.