Application Status and Details

The Board of Registered Nursing has a new way to monitor and verify your application status. This will allow you to track your application and provides important details regarding the movement of your application. You can find out if your application has any deficiencies and what action you will need to complete in order to become licensed.

To access the Application Status and Details portal you will need to enter your information below and select the application that you want to track.

Below is a list of applications that you can track today and other applications that will be available to track in the future.

  • Applications Available to Track
    • NCLEX Exam Application
    • NCLEX Exam Repeat/Reapply Application
    • Approved NCLEX Exam, Pending NCLEX Results Application
    • Endorsement Application
    • Nurse Practitioner Initial License Application
    • Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Initial License Application
    • Public Health Nurse Initial License Application
    • Nurse Midwife Initial License Application
    • Nurse Midwife Furnishing Initial License Application
    • Nurse Anesthetist Initial License Application
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist Initial License Application
    • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Initial License Application
    • Registered Nurse Renewal Application
    • Nurse Practitioner Renewal Application
    • Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Renewal Application
    • Public Health Nurse Renewal Application
    • Nurse Midwife Renewal Application
    • Nurse Midwife Furnishing Renewal Application
    • Nurse Anesthetist Renewal Application
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist Renewal Application
    • 8 Year Registered Nurse License by Exam
    • 8 Year Registered Nurse License by Exam - Retake
    • 8 Year Registered Nurse License By Renewal - No Exam

Complete the fields below to track your status: