Fingerprint Information

Fingerprinting is required for all applicants and licensees for the purpose of conducting a criminal history record check. The fingerprints remain on file with the California Department of Justice, who provides reports to the Board of Registered Nursing of any future convictions on an ongoing basis (Authority: Business and Professions Code, Section 144). Two methods are available:

  • Live Scan Process: You must use a Live Scan site located in California to use this method. The Board will NOT be able to receive results for fingerprints taken at Live Scan locations that are outside of California.
  • Manual Fingerprint Process: If you are outside of California or are unable to access Live Scan, you may use the manual fingerprint (hard card) method.

Live Scan Process

If you are in California, you may obtain the form for Live Scan service from our website, complete the required fields, and take it to a Live Scan site with your processing fee. Before requesting a copy of the Live Scan fingerprint form, you must first submit your application for RN licensure by Examination or Endorsement (applies to initial Examination and Endorsement applicants only).

At the Live Scan site they will scan your fingerprints electronically and transmit them immediately for processing. The Board will NOT be able to receive results for fingerprints taken at Live Scan locations that are outside of California.

Visit the California Office of the Attorney General website for Live Scan locations. Most local law enforcement agencies in California have Live Scan equipment. Hours of operation and fees vary, so please contact the Live Scan site directly for information.

Using Live Scan can help speed up the licensing process as the Board receives fingerprint results from this technology much quicker than through the manual card process. Please refer to our Processing Times page for current timeframes.

To get started:

  • If you are an initial Examination or Endorsement applicant, you must FIRST submit your completed application for Examination or Endorsement. RN licensees who are being fingerprinted for their RN license renewal can proceed.
  • Request a Live Scan form by using the Fingerprint Request form. Once we receive your request and your submitted application (or RN license due for renewal) is confirmed, you will receive an email containing a link to download the Live Scan form.
  • Download the Live Scan form and complete all areas marked with a red “X”.
  • The form will print in triplicate; take all three copies to the Live Scan site with your processing fee.
  • After your fingerprints have been scanned:
    • First copy of form is kept by the Live Scan operator.
    • Second copy may be submitted to the Board through your online BreEZe account (this is not required – please only submit a completed copy if it is being specifically requested by the Board).
    • Retain third copy of form for your records.

Manual Fingerprint Process

The FD-258 card is the standard fingerprinting card within the US. If you are located in the US, before requesting a card, please check the facility at which you will be fingerprinted to determine whether they will provide an FD-258 card or require you to bring your own. You may also obtain an FD-258 card at your local law enforcement agency, such as a police station or sheriff’s office. You may also request one from the Board by using our Fingerprint Request Form (please allow 3-5 business to process).

For detailed information on completing the manual fingerprinting card, please see Instructions for Completing a Fingerprint Card. The current fingerprint processing fee for DOJ and FBI is $49.00 and is payable to the "California Board of Registered Nursing" by check or money order. Failure to include the required fee will cause significant delays in the Board submitting hard cards to the DOJ. The DOJ will not process fingerprints without a fee. Processing times at DOJ and FBI can vary and are not under the control of the Board.